Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I've Got Something to Say do you?

I'm so excited! I've wanted to make some sort of necklace that people could have whatever they want on it word-wise. A way to speak without saying a word. For example, if you have a friend who needs to be encouraged to follow her dream you could get her a necklace that says dream. Or maybe you want to warn every guy you see that you are spoiled rotten. Anyway after many revisions and many colors, and many different stringing patterns. I've finally got it. I'm proud to show you the "I've Got Something to Say" Design and the "I've Got Something to Say Simply" Design. Hope you like them and yes I've already got my first order! Whoohooo! :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Doesn't THAT take forever? Why do you do THAT? Because opening a new pack of clay is like opening a new box of crayons when you are six years old!

I often hear, "Oh that's so cool! Did you make it?" Then I often get asked by friends why I spend my spare time playing with clay and stringing up beads. When I was a kid I could always be found coloring, painting, drawing, etc. In middle school (man I'm old now!) we had a great art program and I got really into watercolors, pencil sketching, and pen and ink drawing. My freshman year of high school I learned to hate what had always been my favorite class. That's right by the end of my freshman year I hated art class. What brought me to this most unfortunate fate? Hmmmm maybe it was the hours spent copying transparencies of line drawings and not EVER creating anything your own. Hmmmmm maybe it was the guy who sat next to me and would roll joints under the table (first time I ever saw a drug, sheltered child that I was). Or maybe it was the guy who sat on the other side of me and would look at nasty magazines with freakishly strange people in them and try to get me to look at them. (He was scary!) Maybe it was the teacher who would walk in flip on the overhead say draw this and sit back at her desk to file her NAILS the whole class period. Anyway, I abandoned art classes! Sad eh? I kept drawing and painting on my own but then I got a boyfriend, a job , a new boyfriend, a car, etc. went to college and was very practical. Never thought twice about taking an art class. Fell in love with kindergarten switched to be an education major and boom there you go. Soooo when did I start claying? Why did I start claying? I needed something fun, I needed a creative outlet, I needed that wonderful feeling that a six year old gets when they open up a brand new 245 count box of crayons! I needed to do something I love for no other sake then to just do it. I stumbled upon polymer clay quite accidentally and became hooked. Its a great stress reliever. Then I got into jewelry and I'm now hooked on beading. Beading is a very zen thing. Working with clay is exciting and fast paced. Beading is very meditative and allows me to just enjoy not thinking as I concentrate on the patterns of the beads. It is an escape. Am I trying to make money doing this? No. I've just gotten to the point where I've made too much stuff so I might as well see if anyone out there likes it too. However, my time is money and the materials cost money so I am going to charge what I know it is worth. :)

Monday, October 09, 2006

New Work

I've been really busy trying to figure out what direction I want to go. It seems that jewelry is certainly my thing for a while. I've started a website, but am still trying to figure out how I want it to look. I'm also working on building up my inventory so I will be ready to open www.d-c-designs.com
sometime next year. I was shooting for January, but it would probably be a better idea to start during summer vacation. Enjoy the new photos.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Bead Stash

These are beads I made last summer. They have a little bit of white paint on them. Something different for me.

No more pink....for a while anyway

I was so tired of pink. I pulled out this pendant that I made back around Christmas and finally strung it up with some beads. I really like it but it is too big for my taste. Hopefully someone will buy it.

STOP! Put down the chocolate bunny!

This is one of those projects that you stay up till 3am to finish. I had it in my head that I was going to make something eastery. I used mini candy molds and made teeny tiny chocolate bunnies. When my husband came home from work he thought they were candy! I just barely stopped him from putting one in his mouth. Hehehehehhe.....that was exactly the look I was going for. I added a little color with pearl liquid clay tinted with chalks. Finally, chocolate that doesn't add a pound!

Hey! I've got something to say!

I love stuff with random words on it so I decided to try my hand at stamping words. I made a ton of beads with different words. This is the only one I strung so far. The picture is kinda blurry. I t looks much better in person.

Pink Explosion

I had all this pink leftover from a cane I made so I kinda went nutty with pink. I tried putting the same old flower I love to use on a disc. I also made some coin beads for the earrings. I am obsessive about everything matching, so I figured it is time to start putting some handmade beads on the earrings as well.

By Request

I did a peach flower like this and someone requested that I do it in pink. I almost kept this one for myself. :)

Going in Circles

Add ImageI made a ton of this style of necklaces. Round, Heart, flower, even triangle shaped. I don't think I will make another for a long time. I think I need to do some experimenting.

Selling Update

Well the things I gave to my friend's mom to sell sold. So I made nine more sets and gave them to her the weekend before Easter. So far, however, nothing has sold. I think it might be because my pieces are priced high relatively to the other merchandise, but I'm not going to lower my prices because I'm not even charging for labor. SO we shall see what happens.

Friday, March 03, 2006

No time for photos!

I have been very busy making lots of new things. I keep giving them away before I can take a picture to post. I made a bunch more heart necklaces using a folded cane for the center. They came out all pink and white and very girly. I also made some flower and circle ones. I gave my friend from school 4 necklaces and earrings sets to give to her mom. She is going to put them in her shop for sale. I'm excited and nervous. I keep thinking what if nobody buys them!!! But then what if somebody does buy them!!! That would be so cool! When you give something away the person is obligated to say, "Oh, that's so pretty!" But for somebody to like something you made enough to spend their own hard-earned cash on it- well that would be pretty cool. So we will see what happens. I'm very excited about the polymer clay beadmaking class I'm taking tomorrow. Hopefully I'll learn some of the tricks to make things finished a bit nicer. I can't believe I have gotten so into jewelry lately. Oh well, at least it is something useful!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Anyone who really knows me knows that I have this thing about hearts. They are great for Valentine's Day, but that's it. Once Cupid Day is passed you won't see me wearing any. I don't know why. Maybe I just wore too many hearts back in the day when dangle rings were in. Anyway, I found these bead charms at the craft store and thought to myself, "Cool I can cut the clay with these and it will make a cool setting." I thought I was so clever. Then a few days later while paging through projects on HGTV's website I saw a project using the bead charms. Oh well so much for thinking I had a new idea. I told myself I had to use the hearts first since Valentine's Day is coming up and all. I made a flower cane and then purposely stretched out the sheet so it wouldn't look so contrived. I think it turned out pretty nice.....for hearts. Maybe I 'll give it to Mom for her birthday.

The Work Below.....

Everything below was made between January 2003 and December 2005. I have tried to put it in order so I can see the progression of my clay work over the past three years. My first gingerbread and the angel were done back in January 2003. All the jewelry was in the last six months. If you would like to view the work in order scroll all the way down to the bottom first and then go up. Hopefully, with this blog, I will now be able to keep better track and get some feedback from others. Honest feedback please. Yep I'm putting it out there and ready for some constructive criticism. (Please don't be too critical yet, I'm still stretching my claying wings.)

Must Wear Red Shoes...

Its Christmas Eve, my shopping is finished and I have a whole afternoon to myself before the festivities begin. I'm wearing my red shoes with black and grey. I need some red jewelry. hmmmmm....... The shoes kinda look like the color of cinnabar. Faux Cinnabar jewelry in an afternoon.

Mod Blocks Madness 2

Since I'm more of a earthy colors kinda gal I made another mod blocks cane using black, white, beige, and burnt umber. The pendant and earrings are reversible. This is the first time I've remembered to make the backsides nice.

Mod Blocks Madness

This is the coolest process. You alternate colors, shove it in a clay gun slice combine and roll and ta-da!!! Groovy seventies looking squares and circles. This is the pink version.

Faux Ivory Leaves

I learned how to make faux ivory at a guild meeting. I cut out thin circles using cookie cutters and added a leaf to each using liquid sculpey as glue. The holes have eyelets and I strung it on a leather cord. I think I could probably do a better job of the stringing now that I've studied up a bit on jewelry making.

Stamped Leaves

After learning how to make beads I decided to make something that was more me. I used a leaf stamp (yep, leaves) and green mica powder on a silver clay. I really like the concept for this set. I want to remake it however because they are a bit messy. I also want to change the findings to sterling silver.

Red, Black, and White?

picture coming soon...
The guild hosted a red, black, and white bead swap this summer. This was a major challenge for me because I had never made beads before. It was also a challenge because of the color palette. After many mush-ups I finally made these after watching Gwen Gibson's video where she made madcap beads. I added making memories eyelets at the holes. Still can't figure out what I think about them, but they were a good learning experience.

Gingerbread Revisited

Last year I pulled out my gingerbread to hang on the tree and decided that I could do much better. I learned that sometimes sweet and simple is best. Oh and I remembered to poke holes before baking. These I gave away by the dozens. I'll have to make more so that I can hang some on my own tree next year.

Snowflake Box

I think this is one of those times when its a really good idea, but the skill level just isn't there for the execution. The box started as a wooden cigar box from a craft store. I covered it in textured sheets. Then added a snowflake on top. Unfortunately, the box cracked after baking. (oh that's what air bubbles do? silly me.)
p.s. Thanks for the pic. Mom.

What A Flake

There are many projects out there using snowflake cookie cutters. I'm proud to say that I think these are pretty original. I made them a year ago for my mom and mother in law. I made more this past Christmas for friends at school and myself. I like how the lights of the tree illuminate the mica powder used in the textured finish.
p.s. Thanks for the pic Mom.

Turkey Leaves

This one came out really good in my opinion. I only wish I would of muted the colors looking back over a year later. This box had over 50 leaves on it. The turkey is from one of those old project books. I made two of these one for my mom and one for my big brother who hosts Thanksgiving quite often. (He makes excellent turkeys- the real kind of course!)
p.s. Thanks again Dad for the great photo.

Leaf Box with Violets

And so begins the leaves. I bought a set of three leaf fondant cutters at the craft store. I soon started putting leaves on everything. Yes, I love leaves. So what? I've had friends ask, "What's up with the leaves?" I don't know? I like nature- leave me alone about it- okay? This is a paper mache covered box. After I cut each leaf I elongated the shape and added viens. I really regret adding the hideous violets. Oh well. It holds unfinished baked stuff on my clay table. At least it has a use, right.

Trick-Or-Treat, Smell My Feet

This was one of those projects that felt like it was never going to be finished. The mummy is straight out of a project book. The box he is sitting on is a covered wooden box. It took forever and was very fustrating. I put some orange powders on it and textured it trying to hide the mistakes. Its Halloween, hopefully it will just look like I meant it to look spooky (uh, huh, yep, right?). I know realize that it was the hinge that gave me so much trouble. But, I think he turned out pretty cute.

Faux Cinnabar Lightswitch Cover

This is one of my favorites. We learned to make faux cinnabar at a guild meeting. We then covered a lightswitch cover with it. I textured the piece with a butterfly stamp and, decorated it with molded flowers that I altered a bit and hand sculpted leaves (of course). Then I gave it to my mother-in-law. She has it hanging in her dining room.
p.s. Thanks mom for taking and sending the pic.

A rose is a rose

At the next meeting of the guild we learned to make roses. I really like the color and layering but it reminds me more of a peony. One and a half years later I still haven't turned this in to anything. But I like to have it sitting on my clay table for inspiration.

Hello My Name Is....

My sister-in-law convinced me to join the the local Polymer Clay Guild. We made nametags at the meeting, here are my efforts. Never wore any of them. But they really got me experimenting.


This was some kind of buggy thing in the book but I added wings, changed the color, added antenna, changed the hands and feet and added the tongue. It didn't quite turn out the way I wanted but, I really like the wings even if I did glue them in upside down. I gave it to yet another unsuspecting friend.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

This is one of my favorites. It was a bumble bee in the book but I changed it for a friend who collects ladybugs. Unfortunately, I didn't know that Sculpey III was so weak and it cracked one day when it fell off her desk. Now I stick to Premo.

Baby Girl

Went out and bought another project book and found out a friend was pregers soooo.... I turned the baby boy into a gril. This one really didn't turn out so good.


Another project from a book. I had so much fun shaving the crayon to include in the eggs that I made six of these! My poor unsuspecting friends and family who had to wear chickens around their necks. Much love guys and sorry about the chicks- you really don't have to wear them ever again.

Happy Birthday Mom

After having so much fun with the ornaments, and so much clay leftover I went and bought a book to tell me what to do with it all. I turned the bald cupid from the book into an angel. Made my first cane and used it to make a present. And of course, gave it to my Mom.
p.s. Thanks Dad, for taking and emailing the great photo.

Cookies Anyone?

This is one of the infamous gingerbread ornaments that started it all. Most of them broke, but the ones that survived were glued onto boxes which held dozens of the improved gingerbread ornaments that I made a year later. If only I knew that polymer clay would be so addicting.