Saturday, January 21, 2006


Anyone who really knows me knows that I have this thing about hearts. They are great for Valentine's Day, but that's it. Once Cupid Day is passed you won't see me wearing any. I don't know why. Maybe I just wore too many hearts back in the day when dangle rings were in. Anyway, I found these bead charms at the craft store and thought to myself, "Cool I can cut the clay with these and it will make a cool setting." I thought I was so clever. Then a few days later while paging through projects on HGTV's website I saw a project using the bead charms. Oh well so much for thinking I had a new idea. I told myself I had to use the hearts first since Valentine's Day is coming up and all. I made a flower cane and then purposely stretched out the sheet so it wouldn't look so contrived. I think it turned out pretty nice.....for hearts. Maybe I 'll give it to Mom for her birthday.

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