Monday, April 02, 2007

Lower Shipping and New Work

Well being in the reflective mood that I have been in I decided to try not shipping Priority Mail. This means that customers will save about 2 bucks on shipping because orders will go out first class with delivery confiramtion. This has also been a very productive weekend. After such a great response to my leaves I decided to go back and look through my box of old work. I found a lot of themes and and ideas that I like, but weren't exactly executed very well because I was still learning at that time. If you go way back to my first post on my blog you can see what the black pendant with the green and silver leaf looked like a few years ago. I always liked the idea but now I love the way the new one turned out. Might have to keep that one for myself. I like the black one with the spirals too. ;) I'm hoping to string these up and post them on my shop throughout the week. On another note- I've got to get a digital camera with a close-up feature my scanner just doesn't work for darker items.