Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dear Blog,

Remember when you were new and I posted to you often? You were like a new friend I couldn't wait to talk to. Then came the dark times where you sat here all alone with no attention for days, weeks, and even months. One day, I came back to visit you and I posted and posted and posted. You were so happy, but I didn't come back for a long time. Dear, dear, blog, I am sorry for my hurtful ways. I'm sorry that you often feel neglected. This spring you got a makeover. You look all spiffy now. I tried to give you the attention you deserve. I even found some people to comment and read you! Yay! I was posting regularly. Your future seemed to be bright and shiny. But then came the end of the school year. Dear blog, you must remember that when I am not pursuing my clay and beads and other artsy things I am hard at work teaching. Helping five year olds learn the tools they need to read and write, count and pattern, play and be happy. Right now all my attention is turned to that task that I have set for myself. However, have heart dear blog, as summer vacation is edging ever near and then our good times will come again. Until then dear blog, please be happy and hopeful. I promise I will return. xoxoxoxo

Friday, May 18, 2007


Okay I'm suddenly obsessed with birds. Don't worry the leaves aren't going anywhere but birdies are suddenly on the brain.

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