Tuesday, August 14, 2007

DC Designs may be on vacation over at Etsy

But I'll tell you a secret. shhhhhh I'm still here. Its August which is the busiest time for me as far as the career that pays the bills goes so I had to shut down the shop for the next two weeks so I can focus on what I have to get accomplished in so little time. I just put that I was on vacation because it sounds a heck of a lot better than really I'm frantically arranging furniture and hanging up posters and such. For those of you who might miss the bloggity blogging while I'm off in the real world check out my other blog. Gasp!!! Other blog!!! Yep I'm a double blogger. My second blog is all about my love affair with books and its in desperate need of comments so feel free to skip on over and sprinkle it with witty remarks and friendly heys. Seriously, go now! You too Monica, I know you are there!!! hehehe

Friday, August 10, 2007

Yay for shopping!

Every month I treat myself to a little something from Etsy. There are so many talented artists and craftspeople that sometimes its hard to choose. Well I've had my eye on the adorable fairy dolls created by Kerri of Little Moon Originals for quite some time. Her dolls are really works of art. From their hand spun and hand painted yarn hair, to their adorable embroidered eyes, and all the way down to their quilted dresses of gorgeous colors and textures the attention to detail is amazing. I've been watching the shop waiting for just the right fairy to make her home in the clayroom. When Dilly Dally the Good Fairy showed up I immediately marked her as a favorite. I decided that after a good three weeks of hard work at the day job working on my presentation and everything that I deserved an Etsy fun purchase. I went to my favorites and immediately decided it was time to buy my little woodland fairy. I convo-ed Kerri and asked if she could switch out her necklace to a leaf charm. hehehe :) She was so sweet and speedy and sent me a picture of several leaves to choose from. I'm so excited with how she turned out. She's going to look great in there once I finally get my act together and paint the walls sage like I want to and hang up the tree-ish art I've been collecting. So go run and check out Little Moon Originals. Kerri's got really cute patchwork purses if you don't have room for a fairy in your neck of the woods.