Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!!
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Every year at school we all dress up as a theme. This year we were insects. Ladybug, bumblebee, and butterfly were already taken. SO I decided to be a dragonfly. Of course you can't buy dragonfly wings. I had no idea how to make a dragonfly costume. I was really worried about how I was going to pull it off. After much deliberation and google-ing with a friend from work I finally decided on how to make the wings. I made these out of white glittery felt that I free handed some wings on. I whip stitched the maribou boas around the edges and sewed the short and long wing together for each side. The wings are safety pinned to the back of a shirt I got at Target in the pajama department. I made the antennae too. They are my favorite part of the costume. Oh and I have on lime pajama pants and some great fuzzy slipper shoes. To see photos of the making of my costume and the back side of the costume click here .

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Its Saturday night. Where do all the cool kids go?

Why shopping of course! Every Saturday night at 5:00 EST the Saturday Night Special Thread springs to life in the Etsy forums Promotions section. Indie Sellers of all things handmade from jewelry to soap, to handbags and candles post great sales available only to people in the know about this Saturday Night tradition started by Willowglass. So kick back, relax, and scroll through some amazing sales. Many sellers offer payment through Paypal, however you don't have to have an actual PayPal account in order to pay. When you go to check out you click Pay Now with PayPal. You will then have the option to click pay with PayPal account or pay with credit card. So there you go, no excuses! Click now and go buy yourself something so cool that everybody will want to know where it is you go shopping. Oh you want to know if I have a Saturday Night Special? Why of course I do!

*Get Ready for Halloween SNS*

**US Customers**
Purchase anything from the Happy Halloween section and your whole order will ship free!
All US SNS orders will ship out this Monday via US Priority Mail.

**International Customers**
Spend $25 or more anywhere in the shop and get free shipping!

**All Customers**
Spend $10 or more and get a free *Surprise Gift* with purchase!

*Please put SNS in note to seller and wait for
a revised PayPal invoice prior to making final payment.*

Happy SNS-ing and Happy Halloween!!

Offer valid until Oct. 14th 6am Eastern Standard Time (Esty time)

See all the *SNS* specials being offered!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ghosties and Ghoulies

Brand spanking new Halloweenies are up in the shop. If you mention DC blog in the note to seller I'll send you a free gift with your purchase of $10 or more. Offer good till October 25th!

Monday, October 08, 2007

The State of the Studio, an update part 2

So, here is what happens when you tell yourself you can't go to sleep until you are finished reorganizing. Tada!

The table is huge! I plan on buying some desktop drawers and stacking them up two high across the table up against the wall. Then I will be able to get rid of the colored drawers that never stay on the rack. They are constantly falling and driving me crazy. They are also blocking my bookshelf, grrrr.

I am so thrilled at finally having a home for all my packaging and shipping supplies. The surface of the hutch is great for standing at and packing while everything I need is in the drawer and cabinet underneath. The white box with all the slots (meant to organize bills) is where I put the print-outs of my orders. I put them in the slot of the date they need to ship by. In the drawer of it is business cards and hair ponies. Hopefully shipping supplies will no longer be destined for the floor.

The hubby's old desk has been assigned school duty. There is a stack of stuff to still go through, but that's for another day. :)

This desk holds all my jewelery making supplies and general art stuff, including my polymer clay books.

And finally my box of sandpaper, sanding tub (you have to have a tub of water when you sand polymer clay), paper cutter, varnishing and painting supplies, and dremmel (for buffing) have a home. Since I only take these out when I need them I figure its okay to store them down here. I figure once the table has its organizational drawers I can move the painting and varnishing supplies to there. I'll always end up sanding and buffing on the floor but at least now I have a place to put it all away.

Of course I still want to paint the room someday and I know that none of the furniture goes together. I know that wall to wall furniture isn't very aesthetically pleasing either but in this room function definitely is more important than form.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The State of the Studio, an update

Last month I posted horribly embarrassing pictures of my messy office/computer room/clayroom.
I actually did reorganize the drawers and get everything nice and tidy but well, it didn't stay that way long. Packing and shipping supplies seemed to be destined for the floor. School stuff was dumped in piles all over. The clay table didn't have enough room to handle producing more than two mirrors at a time. It was time to rethink "The Office." When the hubby and I decided on which floorplan of house to build what sold us was the option to turn the dinning room into an office off the living room by adding walls and french doors. We figured that all our books, the computer, my teaching stuff that I keep at home, and a small clay table would all fit nicely. Well it worked out great with the addition of some hand-me-down mismatched furniture. A little over two years later the hubby has begun to refer to the office as "your room." Which wasn't what I had intended. Today as we changed out the half size folding table for my parent's old tile-top 6 foot kitchen table I finally owned up to the fact that, yes I have taken over the office. I finally claimed the unused desk that was his as my own. Being the wonderfully understanding hubby that he is, well, its just fine with him. As long as the computer desk is a neutral zone he is fine. So as I fill what used to be our kitchen hutch with shipping and packing supplies and set out a couple of my displays on the shelf it is with a shred of guilt that I now admit yes, DC Designs has truly taken over the home office. Here's some pictures of organizing in progress. I'm still working on it and hope to have it presentable by tomorrow morning.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I've been waiting for October to hit so that I could show you guys the custom beads I did for Kristen of Earthcharms on etsy. I don't sell my beads and pendants as supplies, but when Kristen contacted me with the request for some pumpkins, headstones, and skulls DC designs style I had to accept the challenge. I must admit that I love the pumpkins and made an extra pair of pumpkin beads for myself. The gravestones were the most fun to make. Something about making that dimpled texture with the stylus was very satisfying. The skulls were made from faux ivory and have a really shiny translucent quality to them that just doesn't show up on camera. These Halloween beads are available online only through Earthcharms. Go run now get you some spooky jewelry! Later on this week I'll be posting some of my own Halloween creations.