Monday, February 18, 2008

The best gifts in life....

For Valentine's Day this year I got one of the best presents possible from the hubby. A clean house! Yep, he mopped, he vacuumed, he washed dishes, he scrubbed toilets, he did just about everything but dust. And no, you can't have him. :)

So what did I give him? Well, normally we go out to eat or pick-up Pei Wei for Valentine's, but since it was the first day in almost two weeks that he wasn't having to close. I decided to do it up right and cook a special dinner. I bought some Bacon-wrapped Fillet Mignon and made a mushroom sauce to go with it. (I'll post the recipe on my blog sometime this week), cheesy scalloped potatoes (from a box, hey it was a work night!) and steamed haricot verts and parisienne carrots with lemon pepper and a bit of butter (It was Valentine's Day after all). I hadn't really cooked in so long. We both just sat there and went mmmmmmmmmmm.

The hubby is not one for fancy desserts so I brought him home the leftover un-frosted cupcakes I had ordered from the grocery store for school. In my book a cupcake has to have sprinkles and a cherry on top or it's just not a real cupcake.

Then we snuggled on the couch and watched Lost. What better night could we possibly have had?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good things happen in threes. :)

My mom always says life is like a box of.........oh wait......let me start over (okay cheesy I know, but i just couldn't resist).....My mom always says that things come in threes. Babies, deaths, weddings, new jobs, exciting news, etc. I've never really quite believed her but in the last few days her theory has proven true.

The first exciting thing is that I got a really sweet convo (kind of like an email for you non-Etsy folk) on Etsy from Traci of MyHouseBoutique inviting me to participate in the first Crafty Momma's Market in Austin. I mailed off my application yesterday and I was just so thrilled that I practically did the Happy Joy Joy dance all the way to the mailbox. This will be the first time DC Designs has had a booth at an event and I just can't wait!!!!! *squeeeeeeeeee* Well that's assuming that I sent my application in on time and there is still space and all. I did it really early though so I should be okay. I'll keep you posted. The last couple of nights I've been lying awake envisioning my booth and dreaming up displays. This is the tent I'm thinking about purchasing. It got really great reviews from other sellers and it's a huge deal at the local Sam's Club. It's going to be so fun!!! And I love that it's outside. I love any excuse to spend the day outside.

The second thing that happened was that I hit my 100th sale!!!! *throwing confetti in your hair and handing out balloons* I wanted to make it to this landmark by the end of February so that I would have 100 sales my first year. (I actually listed my first item in Feb.) I was so excited to make it. And yes, I jumped up and down, grabbed the hubby's hand and started dancing around like a fool. :) And what was it that sold? *drum roll please........* The "If only you knew how beautiful you really are" mirror." Six of them to be exact! So my 100th sale was just over 100 dollars. That will go nicely towards buying some more supplies for the market. I need to build up that inventory.

The third and final bit of good news is that I decided to join the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy. I used to be in my local guild but I have been so busy lately that I was never able to make the monthly meetings. This guild is full of wonderfully talented and super welcoming artists who have shops selling polymer clay items on Etsy. Their website and flickr photo pool is shock-full of talent. You can also go to Etsy and enter the tag PCAGOE in the search bar to find items made by various sellers of this wonderful online community. The other day when I was on the phone with my clay buddy and she asked me if I had tried/ seen the new line of clay and tools out I realized how out of the clay loop I was. I had no idea there was new clay out there! It made me realize how important it really is to have keep up with the polymer clay community by belonging to a guild. It is also great fun to have other artists to bounce ideas off of and get feedback from.

That about sums up my three good things. So I guess now I better go email Mom and tell her that just maybe she is right and that good things certainly do come in threes.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Look, Look, Look at me!

Yep, that was a very self-centered post. But anybody who knows me would tell you that I'm so the opposite. So I thought they'd get a chuckle at that title. =) I came home from school today to find lots of fun convos in my inbox on Etsy. I love convos. Sometimes people send them to ask questions, to say how much they love something, or just to say hey. Today I got a convo from Jessica, creator of a really totally jawsome blog called Funky Finds. She talks about some of my Valentine's Day items today. How cool is that!?!?!?! Check it out and leave a comment! Pretty please. :) I'm really excited today because the shop hit 99 sales! My goal is to be at 100 by the end of February. At this rate, I think I might make it! So thankful to all my wonderful beautiful customers. :) I'm also contemplating bringing DC Designs out in person for the first time and participating in a local market. I'm not sure yet because I need to find a helper. I'll have to bribe a friend with some jewelery maybe. :) I'll keep ya posted. xoxoxoxoxo (Can you tell I'm quite chipper today with all my smiley faces and hugs and kisses.)

*edit* I'm one away from one hundred! Which is so crazy because all day today I celebrated the 100th day of school in kindergarten. It's a really big deal for the kinder kids and we do fun stuff with the number 100 all day, like making crowns with 100 stickers and necklaces with 100 fruit loops. How cool would it be to hit 100 sales on the 100th day of the school year. Well, I got six more hours and a showcase going on so maybe.....

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Extreme Makeover?

So I finally found a way to add a shopping cart to my actual website that I can understand. All that CSS, html, Xtml, etc. stuff is like Greek to me. I signed up for Big Cartel which is basically a shopping cart service you can subscribe to. It prompted me to think about changing things up a bit as far as the design and the layout of my site goes. I've been polling people on the Etsy forums, bugging my flickr buddies, and posting bulletins on Myspace asking for opinions. Surprisingly a majority of people really think the black and white shows off my work better. However a lot of people are big fans of the pink and green flowery look. My sweet friend Sylive of AlbinaRose has been quite a banner making diva and wiped out some really neat options to try to combine the two looks. I'd love to know what my blog readers think. If anybody is reading of course. :)
You can get a sneak peak at all the different home pages trying to mesh the two different styles.

*update* The new look is uploaded!

Old Style
New Look

the new meshed together look!