Monday, April 07, 2008


M&M dc
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So you have tons of work to do. You don't feel like folding that laundry. The studio is a mess but you just aren't in the clutter buster zone. Everybody is hungry but you just can't seem to turn on the stove. You find yourself running out of opportunities for procrastination. Eek! What is one to do? Have no fear. The M&M-anator is here. I wasted about an hour finding the perfect haircut for my rockin purple hair. And I kept wavering between the more true to life book in hand or something more exciting like the tiki cup drink or the wizard staff. I'm quite loving the purple hair and the sheen on my green skin, but the thing I love the most is that even though my M&M is quite round she is still looking pretty kick ass. M&M-anate yourself at