Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let's Hear it for Wii fit!

Okay so according to the wii fit I've lost 4.8lbs! Yippeeee Skippy! Don't you dare tell me it is just water weight or that it is natural for the body to fluctuate up and down 5 lbs as the month goes on. I'm going to believe what the cute little wii fit board told me. :) I've also been eating pretty healthy. Well, I did have some Mexican food yesterday with my sister-in-law while we were scouting out Gruene's Market Days as a potential venue (you can read all about our adventure and new business venture here), but other than that I've been super healthy. Breakfast has been 1.5 whole wheat mini bagels. Why 1.5? Well, that's the right number of bagel halves to equal the right number of ozs for a serving of whole grains. I've been topping it with a smidgen of whipped cream cheese. A side of sliced strawberries finishes the plate and makes it all worthwhile. I've also been having a mug of green tea which is supposed to help with migraines, weight loss, and adult acne (Wow!) and it sure does taste good. I'm reading the book Eldest in this pic, it was a good junk food kind of read. The place mat and napkin were made for me by my friend Jen of Winged Egg. She surprised me for my birthday with them. Aren't they the prettiest place mats ever? For lunch I've been sticking to this salad from Ellie Krieger. It's really tasty. If you decide to make it triple the amount of Grey Poupon you put in the salad dressing and use red wine vinegar instead of the balsamic. I left out the parsley because I forgot to put it on the grocery list and it still tasted really yummy. I've been working on finishing assembling all those finished clay components that are just waiting to be transformed into finished pieces of jewelry. Hopefully I will have some shots of new stuff to share soon.

Friday, June 13, 2008

For all us San Antonians

Who doesn't love local stuff? Alamo Mama is a site maintained by a couple of groovy San Antonio Moms with a great eye for where the cool places are, from a motherly perspective of course. Want to know what restaurants have the best sand boxes? Maybe you've been wondering where you can go play dress up on a stage with your 4 year old. Then check out this really cool site all for moms, which also happens to have excellent taste in jewelry.