Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The enigma that is Facebook

Okay, so when I first started my website before I even had an Etsy Shop I signed up for Myspace to promote my shop. It's been pretty helpful. I also have a lot of friends who are on it also. Well my friends kept telling me how much better Facebook was and that I had to sign up for it. After several months of resisting I finally broke down and signed on up. It has some pretty cool features. For a while there I was completley obssesive about adding Flare to my page (little buttons that you put on your bulletin board) and the online chat feature is really cool. But there is something that I think is kinda strange. You see on Facebook people who are friends with people you are friends with can see some of your stuff even if you haven't friended them. That kinda is strange. On Myspace you would literally have to go to somebody's page to read the comments that somebody made on their page. On Facebook you sign in and the comments other people have made on everybody's pages are there. So it' more in your face so to speak. It is certainly a way for everybody to know everything. It's a bit different to get used to. One of the neat things about facebook is that you can become fans of businesses, bands, artists, brands, etc. that you heart. So I created a DC Designs business page and now people can be a fan of DC Designs on Facebook which totally makes me laugh but is also kinda cool. So if you are on Facebook you can become a fan. hehehehe I'm thinking I might use it to post new items, links to when I update my blog, contests, specials, stuff like that so ummmm pretty much the same way I use Myspace. Seems a bit redundant. Hmmmm I'll have to wait and see how this all goes.

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