Friday, April 17, 2009

still pretty

still pretty
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We all get a bit withered in this life, but we are still pretty.

I thought this was a very appropriate shot to be taken on my 31st birthday. :)

Here's me back in my good ol' cheesy senior pic.

and here's me now. :)

and I even got carded tonight at Happy Hour. So I guess 31 isn't so bad after all.

p.s. The poppy shot was taken at The Meadows at Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg, TX. The hubby and I spent a weekend there for my birthday. We had tons of fun and you can check out tons more pics on my flickr photostream. I've got over 400 to go through so I'm picking the best ones, cropping them, and uploading a few a day.


Samantha said...

You sure are still pretty! I love that new picture of you so much(and not just because of the bobby pins)!

Chrisy said...

Ahhh you're just a chicken at 31...wait till your 40s...they're the best years! Lovely pics!

Felicia said...

Love that high school hair :)